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Anti-stress and energizing

This product is a vitamin supplement, because it contains in its formula B complex vitamins, plus glutamic acid, plus iron; ingredients that are indicated for people with stress, depression, anxiety, anguish, affliction, headache of nervous origin, worry, irritability (Angry People), insomnia, lack of concentration, mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, physical fatigue, memory loss , bloating in the body, cramps, numbness of arms and legs, trembling of the eyelids or any part of the body.

Excellent for people who work or study at night.


Presentation of 15 drinkable vials of 15ml each.

B1 + B3: Detoxifies nerve cells, oxygenating your brain and body.
It is recommended for neurotic people, alcoholics and those who wish to quit smoking.

B1 + B6 + B12: For all those people who want to feel happy and calm, with a healthy nervous system and with lots of energy.

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